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Juggling anxiety and depression make up most of my life. For several years, I attempted to find freedom to enjoy my life. From one therapist to another, I tried different forms of therapy in the hopes of finding what I needed to genuinely smile at life again. ​
I found happiness in yoga, travel, and alternative therapy. I can honestly say that these mediums of self-care truly saved me. Today, I wake up smiling and love my life. 
ME Time was created  to allow people to experience different self-care activities. Different themed events are organized to allow you to discover which self-care activity speaks most to your soul. 
ME Time hosts public Wellness Day Events (Visit our Upcoming Events Section) and also organizes Custom Wellness Events & Retreats.
Custom Events can be organized for your classroom, workplace, and retirement homes. Social and Personal Events such as: Birthday Parties, Girls Nights, Bachelorette Parties, and Date Nights can also be organized.
The options are limitless while the initial goal is to plan an event or retreat that is best suited to your wellbeing and preferences.
We're all in this together. Keep Smiling beautiful soul!
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